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VOIP For Business

Embrace the future of business communication and leave behind the limitations of traditional phone systems with Tech Optimised’s VOIP solutions.

Our comprehensive suite, including mobile apps and unlimited calling, is designed to support your business’s dynamic communication needs. Features such as call queues, virtual receptionists and call groups enable your business to handle incoming calls more effectively, ensuring that every customer receives the attention they deserve. Our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems further streamline interactions, allowing callers to navigate through options and reach the appropriate department quickly.

We are here to ensure your transition to VOIP is simple. Our cloud-based telephony solutions reduce physical hardware dependence and offer cost-effective call plans, making it easier for your business to manage communications. Ideal for companies with a flexible workforce or multiple office locations, our VOIP solutions guarantee that your team remains well-connected, regardless of their location. With us, stepping into efficient and advanced telephony is made straightforward.

Cost Effective VOIP Solutions
VOIP doesn’t use costly hardware or line rentals; just your broadband.
Full Setup Support & Management
All you need to do is plug in your new handsets - we handle the rest!
Business VOIP Migration Support
We make the transition to VOIP systems easy for businesses of all sizes.
Boost Business Productivity
We implement powerful features that improve your business call handling.
Switching To VOIP

Are You Ready To Make The Switch To VOIP?

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity effortlessly with our specialist VOIP services. Transitioning is made simple, from your very first free consultation to full-scale implementation. Experience the future of communication without the hassle. Start with a no obligations virtual consultation with us today!


Our Hosted Pay As You Go VOIP Prices

Unlock the full potential of your business communications with our VOIP packages. Our offerings include UK Landline minutes, UK Mobile minutes, Europe & Americas minutes (where required), access to both Desktop & Mobile Apps for seamless connectivity, and complete peace of mind with Full Setup & Onboarding along with Ongoing Management & Support. If you don’t see what you need, please get in touch for a bespoke quote tailored to your specific requirements.


  • 3K UK Landline
  • 1K UK Mobile Minutes
  • Desktop & Mobile App
  • Full Setup & Onboarding
  • Ongoing Management & Support
  • Available In The UK Only

£15 /month

Office Europe

  • 3K UK Landline
  • 1K UK Mobile Minutes
  • 500 Europe Minutes
  • Desktop & Mobile App
  • Full Setup & Onboarding
  • Ongoing Management & Support

£28 /month

Office Europe & Americas

  • 3K UK Landline
  • 1K UK Mobile Minutes
  • 500 Europe & Americas Minutes
  • Desktop & Mobile App
  • Full Setup & Onboarding
  • Ongoing Management & Support

£44 /month


What Are The Main Benefits Of Using VOIP?

Cost Effectiveness
Use your existing broadband connection for your calls to make substantial savings on operational costs and call charges for your business.
Scalable Solutions
VOIP technology easily scales with your business growth. Pay only for what you need to begin with, and add more staff at a low cost if and when required.
Low Maintenance
Your business benefits from significantly reduced maintenance efforts and costs thanks to VOIP's minimal need for physical hardware or infrastructure.
Remote Access
Enable your staff to make and receive calls from any location , ensuring your team remain connected when on the road or working from home.
Automation Features
Enhance productivity and customer service by automating routine tasks such as call routing and answering services for your business.
Advanced Analytics
Gain valuable insights into your communication patterns and performance, enabling your business to make data-driven decisions for optimised efficiency.
Flexible Integrations
Streamline your workflows and improve operations by seamlessly integrating VOIP with your CMS, sales tools and other applications that your business utilises.
Comprehensive Security
Your communications are safe with advanced encryption and security protocols, ensuring your data and conversations remain private and secure.

How Does Our VOIP Service Work?

Our bespoke Voice Over IP (VOIP) service starts with an in-depth virtual consultation so we can learn more about your business, existing IT infrastructure and the challenges you are facing. We value offering our clients solutions that are entirely personalised to their requirements, and to that effect, we use the insights you give us to tailor a bespoke quote for VOIP setup, onboarding and ongoing support. Our expert team then takes the reins, managing the setup and onboarding from afar with minimal disruption to your workflow. Once we are finished, it is a case of plugging in your new handset, or downloading an app, to start using your new VOIP system!

Initial Consultation
Book a virtual meeting with our friendly IT team to discuss your unique requirements for VOIP.
Bespoke Quote
We follow up with a quotation for the setup of your VOIP system, and the associated ongoing costs.
Setup & Onboarding
Remote access allow us to setup your VOIP system remotely so your onboarding is seamless.
Plug & Play!
Finally, plug in your handset to instantly start using your VOIP system - no tricky setup required!
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