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Our Managed Email Hosting Services are designed to enhance your company’s email management, providing a robust platform that ensures the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your business communications. By integrating real-time mailbox monitoring with comprehensive protection against online threats, our services are tailored to keep your business ahead of the latest cyber attacks that target businesses like yours, including phishing scams and ransomware attacks.

With our managed email services, you can enjoy unparalleled compatibility across devices and platforms, enriched by the versatility of Skype and the MS Suite, including innovative video processing through Clipchamp and an impressive 1TB of cloud storage to house all your files. 

Choose our Managed Email Hosting Services to take advantage of our competitive rates and the flexibility of a month-to-month payment structure, all without the bind of long-term contracts. Our services are perfectly crafted for small to mid-sized enterprises in pursuit of a straightforward, efficient email management system. We guarantee rapid migrations, cost-effectiveness, and instant, high quality support to ensure your business communications are uninterrupted.

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We're fully accredited & qualified to sell and manage Microsoft products.
Cyber Security Threat Experts
We're always on the cutting edge of security to keep you one step ahead of threats.
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Pay for what you need, when you need it, with no hidden charges or exit fees.
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We don't bind our clients down to contracts; you're free to leave any time!
Did You Know?

Almost 46% Of Emails Were Considered Spam In 2023

Navigating the complexities of modern email standards is no small task, especially with spam accounting for almost half of global email traffic. Our services offer a robust shield against these challenges, streamlining your email deliverability and securing your inbox against unwelcome threats.

Email Deliverability

Unable To Send To Gmail & Yahoo Email Addresses?

With the onset of Google and Yahoo’s updated email authentication protocols, requiring the implementation of DMARC, a new precedent has been set for email communications, one that has already started to see non-compliant emails facing rejection from Gmail and Yahoo email addresses. This trend is set to widen its embrace, with other key email providers like Microsoft gearing up to enforce similar standards in an industry-wide shift to secure emails and reduce spam on a global scale, underscoring importance of implementing Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) with your email domain now.

What is DMARC and Why Do I Need It?

DMARC is part of a system of policies (SPF, DKIM) that provide a framework for domain owners to protect their domain from email spoofing. The DMARC protocol not only helps in authenticating your identity, but also instructs receiving mail servers on how to handle emails that fail this verification, ensuring that only legitimate emails reach their intended recipients, while spam is quarantined accordingly. By integrating DMARC into your email strategies, you not only boost your emails’ legitimacy in the eyes of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other providers, but also significantly mitigate the risk of being branded as spam or a security threat.

How Can We Help?

Our Managed Email Service stands as your first line of defense against the challenges posed by evolving email threats and authentication standards. With the inclusion of SPF/DKIM checks and implementation, alongside vigilant DMARC policy monitoring, we provide a comprehensive solution designed to fortify your email communications. With us, you benefit from enhanced protection against spoofing, phishing, and other email-based attacks, ensuring that your communications are secure, compliant, and reaching their intended destinations without interference.

We start off by ensuring you have properly configured SPF and DKIM records in place.
A DMARC policy is implemented to instruct other servers what to do with rejected mail.
Wait For Propagation
Afterward, wait 24-48 hours for DNS propagation to complete to fully authenticate your domain.
Send With 100% Deliverability
Now you can send to Gmail, Yahoo & others unimpeded! We’ll take care of the rest each month.
What Can We Offer?

Basic & Standard Managed Microsoft 365

Boasting advanced data centres, Microsoft incorporates superior anti-spam and anti-virus protections, guarantees encrypted data access, and supports integration with advanced multi-factor authentication solutions, all within its extensive security protocols. Their commitment to security is further evidenced by an impressive annual investment of over $1 billion, underscoring their leading position in digital defence. This commitment to security is a primary reason we’ve chosen to align with Microsoft, offering our customers the best in digital protection and reliability.

Managed Office 365 Basic

  • 50 GB mailbox & custom email domain address.
  • Hub to connect people using Microsoft Teams.
  • Online meetings for up to 300 users on Teams
  • Web Based Microsoft Apps (e.g Outlook, Excel)
  • 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.
  • Immediate local and remote management.

£8.00 /month

Per User

Managed Office 365 Standard

  • Everything in Basic plus...
  • Hosted 50 GB mailbox & custom email domain.
  • Teams app for teamwork - better than Zoom!
  • All Microsoft Desktop & Mobile Apps
  • Use one license for multiple devices
  • Full Remote Setup & Onboarding

£14.00 /month

Per User
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Thinking About Switching Email Provider ?

Switching email providers has never been easier or more seamless with us; we guarantee a smooth transition with zero downtime, ensuring your business communication remains uninterrupted. Our services includes full remote support and ongoing management around the clock.

Ready To Move & Wondering About The
Next Steps To Migrate Your Email Hosting?

Our migration process begins by securely downloading your existing emails to our server. Next, we establish a new Microsoft 365 Business account for you within our systems, ensuring a foundation for the next steps. Your old emails are migrated to this new environment, guaranteeing the continuity of your historical data. Furthermore, we streamline your workflow by adding new software and updating email accounts on all your devices, coupled with the migration of your cloud storage, ensuring a cohesive digital workspace is available for you straight away. A detailed demonstration follows, giving you and your team with the knowledge to navigate your new Microsoft-powered setup with ease. The culmination of this process is the transfer of your domain to our hosting for secure and reliable management. Our methodical approach ensures a transition so smooth, you’ll experience little-to-no service disruption.

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