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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, cybersecurity is not just a necessity; it’s the backbone of trust between you and your customers. We bring a suite of managed cybersecurity services tailored for businesses of all sizes, with a special focus on the unique needs of small businesses. Our commitment is to fortify your digital assets and data, ensuring your business thrives in a secure online environment with the backing of cybersecurity experts that you can depend on around the clock.

Cyber threats know no bounds, and small businesses are increasingly in the crosshairs. Our services include cutting-edge penetration testing, designed to uncover vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious hackers and bots. This proactive approach ensures that your digital defences are always a step ahead, securing your critical systems and data against potential breaches. Our phishing awareness and protection programs empower your team with the knowledge to identify and respond to phishing attempts to significantly reduce the risk of successful attacks that can cripple your business or put you in breach of GDPR.

For many businesses, the thought of implementing a cybersecurity strategy may seem daunting, however, our tailored cybersecurity solutions are designed to be accessible, providing you with the tools and support needed to protect your business against the vast array of cyber attacks and threats with little fuss.

Boost Business Resilience Through Layered Security.

Tech Optimised Domain Name System (DNS) Filtering identifies bad websites and blocks malicious users from accessing the domain and all its associated pages. Thousands of harmful websites are created every day. Malicious advertising, phishing, and other security threats can bypass legacy content filtering. We get insights into web-based dashboards while simultaneously providing an additional layer of security, greater network visibility, and user-based reporting for your business.

Tech Optimised EDR helps your business prevent, detect, and respond to ever-changing threats and recover quickly when ransomware or other exploits strike. Remediation and rollback can reverse the effects of an attack and restore endpoints to their pre-attack healthy state to minimise customer downtime.

Emails are one of the easiest ways for cyber attackers to compromise the security of a company and its servers. Tech Optimised DMARC as-a-service is a cloud-based SaaS that leverages emerging email authentication protocols to protect your domain against spoofing and phishing attacks.

What is DMARC?

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) is an email authentication system that protects your organisation’s domains from spoofing, phishing, and other cyber-attacks. It builds on the widely deployed email verification techniques: Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Tech Optimised's Penetration Testing is an automated network penetration testing platform based on a continuously improving framework that combines the knowledge, methodology, processes, and toolsets of a team of security consultants into a single, deployable platform for organisations of all sizes.

Did You Know?

71% Of Security Breaches Target Small Businesses

Cybercriminals know that small businesses often operate with limited resources dedicated to cybersecurity and do not have the infrastructure required to respond to active threats. Small businesses find themselves disproportionately targeted, underscoring the critical need for robust security measures from cybersecurity specialists like us!

Common Cyber Attacks &
How We Can Help


Ransomware has become a major headache for businesses everywhere. Nowadays, ransomware doesn’t just lock your files; it steals them and can even blackmail your business into paying up. With the rise of Ransomware as a Service, launching an attack has become as easy as shopping online.

With the right cybersecurity measures, you can shield your business from these digital pirates. We’re here to help you do just that. Our services include thorough checks to find any weak spots, training for your team to spot phishing scams, and top-notch defenses to stop ransomware in its tracks

Falling victim to a ransomware attack can have devastating consequences beyond just financial loss. It can tarnish your business reputation, erode trust, and interrupt your operations. We implement a multi-layered strategy that encompasses not only immediate protection but also long-term resilience.


Phishing scams are the top trick in a cybercriminal's book, making it the easiest way for them to sneak into company systems. Why hack through security when they can just convince someone to open the door? Spotting a phishing attempt isn't as simple as it used to be as emails are disguised to look indistinguishable from a genuine email - especially on certain devices and email clients.

While teaching your team to be on the lookout is a great first step, it's not enough. It would help if you had a strong shield that catches these malicious emails before they ever hit an inbox. Our cybersecurity tools are designed to spot and stop phishing attempts dead in their tracks, giving your business the upper hand.

In an age where phishing scams cleverly mimic authenticity, relying solely on vigilance is no longer sufficient. We help in identifying and blocking deceptive emails, safeguarding your business from unseen vulnerabilities.


Malware attacks have become more advanced, slipping past traditional security defences undetected. The challenge isn't just detecting malware anymore; it's about stopping it before it starts. Traditional tools, relying on recognising known threats, often fall short against new, sophisticated malware versions, especially with the rise of AI. The reality is, that once malware breaches your digital defences, the damage might already be significant and irrevocable. 

We focus on prevention. Our cybersecurity solutions are designed to preemptively block malware, safeguarding your network before threats can take hold. We offer robust protection against even the most modern malware threats by employing advanced technologies that don't wait for detection.

Our proactive cybersecurity measures are tailored to fortify your network's defences, ensuring malware encounters a barrier long before it can inflict harm.

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